Tates Travel operate a large number of school services across the Barnsley and wider Yorkshire area. We are CHAS approved, which allows us to operate home-school transport right across the county.

We also operate day excursions and trips for schools right across Yorkshire on our fleet of 48-70 seater coaches.

The 70 seaters have full 3 point car type seat belts and some are fitted with T.V. and video facilities.  We are one of only a very few operators who have this type of coach and early booking is essential. Few other operators in the Barnsley / Wakefield / Dewsbury / Sheffield area have this type of vehicle, so demand for them is always high.

School services that we operate

We operate the following school services across the area. For full schedules of these services, please click on the school which your school service departs from, in order to view. Please note that only School services are show in this section. For full schedule information, please refer to the 'Schedules & Maps' page.

All our school services are available for the use of all fare paying passengers, on payment of the appropriate fare. Full schedules of these services are available below.

Penistone Grammar School.

St. Michael's School.

We also serve a large number of other schools across the Yorkshire area, further details on these can be obtained via Traveline on 01709 515151 or at


Guidelines for parents of pupils using our home - school transport  

Transport is provided in the expectation that pupils will behave appropriately on the vehicle and not otherwise abuse the rules governing the provision of transport. It is the responsibility of parents in all circumstances to ensure their children get to school, and parents are still responsible for the behaviour of their child whilst travelling to and from school onboard our vehicles. All our school vehicles are fitted with working CCTV. Any pupils misbehaving or damaging our vehicles on home-school transport will be given an immediate ban from the service for a period of 6 months. Any damage will be invoiced to the parents of the pupil we will expect payment for this within 28 days or th damage will be reported to the police for criminal prosecution, and we will seek compensation through the civil courts.

School bus safety code

Stand sensibly at the bus stop - spilling out onto the road when the bus comes is a highly dangerous and has resulted in people falling under the wheels. A bus has more weight on each wheel than a 44 tonne truck has... get the picture?!?

Have your pass ready and always try to have the right money available if appropriate because it saves a lot of time when boarding and is of help to the driver.

Put your hand out when the bus arrives - technically the bus should not stop unless you "hail it" in this way.

Get on the bus in single file and take your time - crowding onto the bus is dangerous and won't get you on any quicker.

Show the driver your free pass or MegaTravel pass if claiming the 50p fare in South Yorkshire. If you have a Mi-Card, then please also show this, but please note that its only FREE beyond 9am on weekdays. If your journey is cross-boundary (ie Barnsley to Wakefield) your Mi-Card is only valid on the South Yorkshire part of the journey. The West Yorkshire element is charged at half the adult fare.

If there is a spare seat take it but if you do have to stand, please face the front at all times and hold on tightly. Do not pile around the front of the bus, please make best use of the space provided...

If you are travelling home and want to get off the bus at the next stop press the bell once. If someone has already pressed the bell there is no need for you to repeat this.

Once off the bus WAIT before crossing the road. NEVER run out from behind the bus.

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